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Are you considering converting your garage into a new habitable space? If so, you must be aware of the building regulations that must be followed. At Garage Conversion Gurus, we guarantee that all of our work is compliant with the relevant regulations outlined in the recent version of 'The Building Regulations 2010'. We are fully accredited and qualified to certify your conversion, ensuring that it meets all necessary approval standards.

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Garage Conversion Planning Permission

When considering planning permission for your garage conversion, you’ll be glad to hear that in most cases planning permission is not required. However, in few but none; some properties that withhold certain attributes, require plannings approval because the build in most cases will require a ‘change of use’ into a habitable room. If your home falls under the following*, then it is advised that you contact your local planning department by phone and request written confirmation, once this has been attained then we have no issues in undertaking your garage conversion.

*Listed Building | Conservation Area | New Build Property (Under 6 years) | Roof exceeds ridge height of 4 meters Garage footprint exceeds more than 50% of the house | Garage is located further away from the property that the public highway

Building Inspection

When it comes to building inspections, unlike the traditional full plans application, the main purpose is to oversee, guide and make sure all works are in accordance with the current building regulations, this will enable them to certify any structural elements, like foundations and walls, and any damp proofing, insulation and breathability elements of the project. Once the initial building notice has been submitted we will then continue to liaise with an approved building inspector prior, during and after the project. In some cases, we use the Local Authority Building Control (LABC), ie: the council, but in most cases, we make use of a private building inspector. We have a great relationship with the team at 'Approved Inspectors Ltd', and our collaboration on projects runs smoothly. If you have any queries, feel free to contact them. We have found that LABC can be more expensive and not as invested in the success of the project. Generally, inspections for garage conversions cost between £400-600 dependant on the scale of the project and if it is a full garage conversion or just a partial conversion and to what extent the inspections are required and for what building regs.

The inspection for a garage conversion is broken up into intervals, the stages of the inspection are as follows:



Structural Inspection

Structural Certify







Trade Certification

Rest assured, all of our employees are fully qualified and have a minimum of City of Guild or NVQ qualifications to back up their extensive experience within the desired trades for garage conversions. All of our staff have undertaken all the up to date Health & Safety Tests and requirements set by CITB for garage conversions. Our project managers have furthered their knowledge and hold a bachelor's degree in construction management, specialising in garage conversions. Together we have an extensive array of skills and expertise in the industry, so you can be sure that your garage conversion is in the best of hands and meets all the necessary building regulations required for garage conversions. We are committed to ensuring that all our garage conversions are completed to the highest standards and meet all the relevant building regulations.

Within our team or subcontracted Garage Conversion Gurus are certified to carry out the following:

· Carpentry and Joinery

· Plastering and Dry-lining

· Bricklaying

· Bathroom & Wet Room Fitting

· Groundwork

· Landscaping, Gardening

· Tiling

· Roofing

· Plumbing, Gas Engineers & Boiler Installs

· Electrical Works

· Kitchens

· Damp Proofing & Remedial

· Steelwork

· Flooring

· Structural Engineer & Architects

· Scaffolding

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  • Do you need planning permission for a garage conversion?
    In most cases planning permission is NOT required. The only time planning permission may be required is if your property falls under the following: Listed Building | Conservation Area | Roof exceeds ridge height of 4 meters | Garage footprint exceeds more than 50% of the house | Garage is located further away from the property that the public highway. Below is a short video explaining this further, credits to this video belongs to Resi UK, chartered architects.
  • Is a garage conversion a worthwhile investment?
    Having a garage on your property is normally put there as an aesthetic incentive for property developers when developing multiple houses on an estate, to aid the sale. You will notice if a house has a garage and a driveway then most of the surrounding properties will too, this is because they are generally built in batches. However, as time has gone on, vehicles have got bigger and garages have got smaller! How many people actually park their car in a garage? Next to none, this is because they are either too small or once parked you cannot exit the vehicle. Having your garage converted, naturally extends the living quarter's and adds an additional room to the property, whether it be an additional bedroom or a home office, the conversion will add between 17-25% value to the overall worth of your home. For example- If you own a £200,000 house and your garage conversion costs £10,000, your house will then be worth approximately £240,000. A lot of our customers have their garage converted to then remortgage, and make a whopping £30,000. Taking this into consideration the answer is YES a garage conversion is without a doubt a worthwhile investment.
  • Do you need architectural drawings for a garage conversion?
    99% of garage conversions do NOT need architectural plans drawn up. The only time drawings would be deemed appropriate is if you was massively remodelling the rest of the property, extending the original footprint or changing the structural integrity of the build, in which you would also need structural calculations. However, we work very closely with multiple architects and structural engineers who can provide these services. In some cases, a builder may request drawings for even the most basic conversions, with respect and without tarnishing other tradesmen, this request is somewhat questionable. In avoidance of this, it is always beneficial and cost effective to have your garage conversion project undertook by specialists like ourselves. If you still have concerns regarding this then get in contact with us and one of our project managers will advice you accordingly. Below is a short video explaining the costs incurred when involving an architect, credits to this video belongs to Resi UK, charted architects.
  • How much does a garage conversion cost UK?
    The cost of a garage conversion can depend on multiple factors. Everyone has different preferences as to how they want their garage converted, dependant on the purpose of the project. However, below is an average price of standard garage conversions: Standard single garage conversions can range between £9000-£11,000. Standard double garage conversions can range between £17,000-£25,000. Why not see for yourself and check out our garage conversion cost calculator page? Or simply drop us an email and make arrangements with one of our project managers for a home visit for a more tailored quote. Below is a short video explaining this further, credits to this video belongs to Resi UK, chartered architects.
  • Does your garage conversion come under permitted development?
    99% of garage conversions fall under permitted development. Below is a short video explaining this further, credits to this video belongs to Resi UK, chartered architects.
  • How long does a standard garage conversion normally take to complete?
    The length of a garage conversion project can vary, dependant on numerous factors. However, below is an average timeframe in which we can convert your garage: Standard single garage conversions can range between 7 to 12 days. Standard double garage conversions can range between 12 to 16days.
  • Can you convert your detached garage?
    YES! 99% of detached garages can be converted. In some cases additional approval maybe required if your property falls under the following: Listed Building | Conservation Area | Roof exceeds ridge height of 4 meters | Garage footprint exceeds more than 50% of the house | Garage is located further away from the property that the public highway.
  • How much does Building Control cost?
    Building inspection fees can vary dependant on the size of the project and as to what work is to be done. It also depends on the inspection service you use. The council provide a direct inspection service through an in house team, 'LABC' (LocalAuthorityBuildingControl). However, through experience it is recognised throughout the industry that a private inspection company can work out cheaper and the dealings with them are more efficient. For this reason alone for the past 7 years we have worked direct with a reputable company called 'Approved Inspectors Ltd', these guys are great and we have a very good working relationship with them. Head over to our 'Regulations' page to find out exactly how building inspections work and at what stages they come todo onsite assessments. The average price of a garage conversion inspection is below: LABC- £650-800 Approved Inspectors Ltd- £400-600
  • Theres a boiler, electric box or gas meter in your garage. Is this going to be a problem?
    In most garages we convert we are faced with service meters, boilers and consumer units. This is perfectly normal for these to be housed within your garage and do not create any issues nor do they interfere with a conversion. We incorporate these into the partitions with in the wall and finish them nicely with accessible doors. See the images below:
  • Can you put a toilet or shower in your garage?
    This is a question that we are faced with daily, the answer is yes providing there is access to foul waste within the property or within its grounds. The ideal solution would be to tap into the main foul waste run either through a 4" soil pipe BUT sometimes this is not doable and will require the use of a macerator. A macerator is a machine that gets plumbed in to the waste outlets and it essentially chews up the waste and pumps is through a narrow pipe and into the soil stack located within the property. Although this option can be achieved in most cases, it normally entails a-lot more work within the property as the pipe runs will need to be routed and in most cases require some additional remodelling and alterations to the existing house which can be costly. Below is a video explaining how a macerator system works:
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